with Stefano Boeri, cliostraat, Stalker
Exhibition "Media_city Seoul", Seoul 2000 South Corea.

20.30 is the hour in Italy when entertainment shows and football matches are broadcast on TV, often occasion of convivial meetings. And it will be the hour when these four authors will meet together, somewhere to watch the Italy vs. Turkey football match for the European Championships, on the 10th of June.
In the Italian film history there used to be , in the 60s and 70s, a tradition of making movies out of several (normally three or four) episodes, all connected to a common theme: "20.30" will be a movie composed of four episodes, all of them tracing the journey from our different sites of origin to the common target, the TV set and ice-cold beers.
It will be a compressed road-movie, a spiderweb converging to the same event.