Proposal for 11th INTERNATIONAL GARDEN FESTIVAL "Jardins de Métis". Grand-Métis, Québec, Canada

Merry go round-garden is not only a garden that, in less than 50 square meters, gives you the complete experience of a garden (colours, fragrances, sounds) but, above all, it’s a carousel: four concentric rings (three with flowers and plants and one as a bench) that turn with the traditional merry-go-round mechanical device. The merry go round garden is a little garden that turns and awakens your senses: Before you can approach it, a carpet made of vinyl reminds you of the contrast between a world made of dark and synthetic materials and what it is going to be a full experience of colours and beauty within natural elements. To get into this “secret world” you have to make your way through a series of “doors” by turning the wheel of the merry go round. Once inside you can enjoy the amusement and live a full experience for your senses. Your sight is pleased by a floral Newton’s wheel (the wheel that becomes white when it rotates); your sense of smell is accomplished by spinning scented flowers, your hearing is awakened by the rustle of the revolving grass and the peppermint plant reminds you of the primordial contact with Mother Nature.

with: Chiara Ferrario